Cevoid changelog

Advanced Gallery fallback behaviors

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This week we improved our fallback galleries. When the original gallery don't have enough posts we will now fill out the remaining slots with posts from the fallback gallery. As before we replaced the gallery when there where no posts. With this improvement you will no longer experience that awkward amount of 1-3 posts in a gallery.
We also added the option to add category based fallback posts.

Fixes and improvements

  • Improved fallback gallery behaviors

  • Fixed bug where pinned posts still showed after being removed

  • Fixed bug where fallback galleries fetched too many posts

  • Shopify products should now be updated instantly in our platform when they have been changed or created

  • Made it possible to switch plans freely during trail period

  • Instagram feed posts are no longer auto approved by default

  • Fixed bug where slug was not generated from the username

  • Fixed bug where overriden requests marked wrong steps as done

  • Smaller copy fixes in the platform