Cevoid changelog

Dynamic product ads support

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By request we have added support for Dynamic product ads. Users who use Google shopping feed integration now get a generated feed with their Cevoid content that they can use to enrich their google ads and facebook ads.

Fixes and improvements

  • Tagged products that has no url will be hidden in the galleries

  • Added support for Dynamic product ads

  • Fixed issue where filtering of posts did not work

  • Norweigan bokmål and Norweigan nynorsk have been replaces with Norweigan

  • Hide approved requests in Instagram find and explore flows

  • Removed script from Google shopping feed page

  • Fixed image on Influencer portal to be large when less than 20 images

  • Notifications now toggle read when you click on them

  • Fixed bug where bulk select sometimes showed as it had selected posts even though no posts where selected.

  • Increase number of products shown in "preview product" when building galleries

  • Remove "write a review" step in quick start guide for Mystore users

  • The actual product tags now links to the product

  • Cards now always have visible tags and open the popup by default

  • Only show discount if the discounted price is lower then the original price

  • Fixed bug where sources did not show in gallery builder

  • Added option welcome description field to upload forms

  • Fix bug where users could not login to Influencer portal on some mobile devices

  • Fix bug where slider only showed 4 posts when the setting was 6 posts

  • Fix bug where select box was visible on newly approved posts

  • Fix bug where one could not whitelist users without entering their email