Cevoid changelog

Inbox + multi request messages + translations

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This week we have published 2 new features and reworked one that we already had but needed some improvements. You will now find a new item in the menu that is called Inbox. This is where all new posts will end up until you have approved or declined them. The posts view will from now only include approved posts.

We have added support for creating multiple request messages when working with Instagram requests. This way you can predefine messages, for example in different languages or tonality.

The translations page has been reworked and we have made it easier to get started by adding predefined translations for 21 languages.

Fixes and improvements

  • Add Integration banner to Integrations overview

  • Updated language select dropdown

  • Updated request message settings on Instagram settings page

  • Added a max-width for galleries in the gallery builder

  • Made gallery styling available for the Instagram shop plan

  • Added "You have unsaved changes" modal when leaving a gallery or translation without saving

  • Updated the Inbox posts slider

  • Whitelisted influencers should now be displayed with their name in the Influencer page

  • Fixed frontend bug that made the gallery flicker when hovering product images

  • Fixed bug where, for some users, nothing was clickable after closing the product tagging modal

  • Improved loading speed on the on-site upload form

  • Possibility to navigate between posts with arrows (left and right)

  • Hide product tags in mobile

  • Moved upload-form translations to the translations page

  • Fix bug in upload form that cropped images wrong for users using older versions of safari and IE

  • Updated font size of the product price in the galleries

  • Posts will now remain marked after performing a bulk action. Press the deselect button in order to unmark