Cevoid changelog

Gallery performance + bug fixes

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This week we have started rolling out the analytics feature as a closed beta for some of our users. Aside from that we have improved the performance of our galleries (especially in Safari) as well as some new features/settings.

Fixes & improvements

  • Product layout in email widgets

  • Smaller UI scale in platform

  • Improved lazy loading of images in Safari

  • Improved selection of gallery image size in Safari, should now pick correct size depending on screen size

  • Added the possibility to connect multiple instagram accounts as an influencer (influencers.cevoid.com)

  • Added the option to hide prices on specific markets

  • Fixed bug where some users needed to logout and login to see changes in the platform

  • Fixed bug where galleries blocked other javascript to run (1-2 sec) on initial page load

  • Fixed bug where the upload page crashed when pressing the upload button on mobile devices