Cevoid changelog

Product variants & Improved product tagging

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We found that the product tagging experience was lacking for customers with larger product catalogues. Therefore, the last couple of weeks have been focused on improving the support for product variants and in general improve the product tagging experience.

This improvement includes updates such as better search (search by sku, title, url, id etc.). It also supports fuzzy search incase you happen to make any spelling mistakes. There’s also a much faster initial load time in the platform which is always a top-priority for us.

We also have better support for product variants in the form that variants will share content with each other.
A tagged variant will therefore show up on a sibling variant which makes filling up product page galleries a breeze!

We’ve also added the  possibility to rearrange the order of tagged products as well as tagging products without adding a “hotspot” since the product might not always be relevant to highlight.

Fixes & improvements

  • Possible to tag products without adding a hotspot

  • Possible to reorder tagged products on a post

  • Support for product variants

  • Fix bug where "I already have access to this post" click did not refresh the inbox

  • Added option to display product name and product price under the posts in email widgets

  • Added option to change image on the Influencer log in page

  • Added option to change a posts hover opacity

  • Added aspectRatio on product media for Shopify customers

  • Added info in product search to show which products are archived (just like we do with "draft")

  • Fix hide caption for instagram captions

  • Updated copy in request flow

  • Possible to update google shopping feeds

  • Analytics test data is now persistent util advanced analytics are enabled

  • Fix bug where google login did not find account by email

  • Fix issue where requested posts where missing aspectRatio and hash

  • Added aspectRation, thumbnail and hash to VIDEO posts

  • Fix bug in product sync for Nordisk e-handel customers

  • Fix bug where product media was missing on some products for Nordisk e-handel customers

  • Fix bug where email widget styling was breaking in outlook