Cevoid changelog

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Hope everyone has had an amazing summer ☀️

Today we’ve got a big update for everyone that has been HIGHLY requested. We’ve finally launched full video uploading support. This includes multiple new features that we know you’re going to love.

Uploading video
We now support uploading of video in all upload forms. Customers, creators and influencers can now share their best videos with you directly in all uploads forms.

Instagram Reels
We now also support videos from Instagram Reels. These videos can be found when exploring content from Instagram from all different sources (mentions, tags and hashtags).

In-house uploads
We now also support video for in-house uploads. Click the purple upload button on the Library page and upload your best videos to your galleries in an instant!
And as always some minor improvements and new features

Improvements & features

  • We’ve added better support for Galleries with with the Grid format to be able to decide how many rows and columns should be visible on different responsive views.

  • We’ve fixed so that the grid layout always loads the correct amount of posts and should always align with the number of columns. No more messy load mores!

  • Added a filter for Instagram explore pages that ignores posts from the main account if they have mentioned the main account in their own posts.

  • Added better warnings if connections to third-party accounts have been lost

  • Influencers with pending posts are now marked in the creator overview

  • Improvements to the product sync

  • General UX improvements to the platform

… and of course we smashed some bugs!


  • Fixed an issue with the uploading component for company logos that would crop the image weirdly.

  • Fixed an issue where Shopify stores received an error when installing

  • Fixed a bug where some approved posts would still be displayed in the Inbox

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to change the name of an upload form

  • Fixed a bug where the Klaviyo feed would include non-approved posts

  • Klaviyo feeds now correctly uses the latest photo first

  • Fixed a bug where you could have multiple default markets, this is not possible anymore