Cevoid changelog

Improvements and bugfixes

This week we’ve got some small tweaks going on, but don’t worry - we’re also working hard behind the scenes on some cool, bigger features!

💎 Improvements

Here's what you can now do:

  • Add multiple member IDs to the data-member tag to create shared creator galleries

  • Customize the disclaimer text in the “Thank You” email sent after someone shares a post

  • Include links in company comments on a post

  • View activity messages for posts uploaded by an admin to a user

Plus, we’ve:

  • Enhanced the speed and prioritization of product syncing for new stores connecting for the first time

  • Ensured that scheduled posts from Cevoid won’t clutter your inbox or appear in approved posts since they’re already on the platform

  • Made our Scheduling feature more robust, handling various edge cases and errors from Instagram, so your posts are less likely to fail

  • Tweaked the Google login so it won’t create a new account if there’s no email associated

  • Introduced a calculated value for videos that adjusts the rendering based on length

  • Added a button to preview a product from the product search to confirm it's the one you want to tag

  • Implemented an option to re-assign a post to a different user

  • Created a bulk action feature to change the user on multiple posts simultaneously

🐞 Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with inaccurate Instagram count values for some members

  • Posts marked as scheduled that missed the scheduling date are now marked as failed

  • Removed the default title that displayed as a category from galleries

  • Addressed an issue where tagging private Instagram accounts when scheduling content resulted in an error upon publishing; a failsafe is now in place

  • Instagram posts now display the creation date as per Instagram, not Cevoid

  • Fixed a bug where the logo in emails appeared too large