Cevoid changelog

Multi-market support for Email widgets

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Hello everyone, we have some updates for everyone before we head into the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period of the year 🛍

It’s now possible to add embed email widgets in all your marketing languages. There’s no change in how you create widgets and no, you don’t need to create a new one for each language. Simply click the Embed widget button and you will see a list of the widget for all different markets!

Instagram custom views

You can now build your own filters to limit the amount of images seen from Instagram. This can be useful when you want see content that has completed all specific criteria. For a competition for example!

Change: Auto playing video in galleries

As a first step in improving performance across our galleries we have limited the amount of video that is autoplaying at once. Now the first video in each load-more batch will autoplay, not all videos at the same time. We want to autoplay as many videos as possible without causing a negative experience for the end-user. So more updates regarding autoplaying video will follow the coming weeks. Stay tuned

Improvements & features

  • Improved UX for translations to always match a market. Translating content should now be much easier to understand

  • You can now change the username of all direct uploads and admin uploads

  • Product page galleries now always show the specific product as the first tagged product

  • It’s now possible to access product feeds that are password protected

  • Pending posts are now visible in the specific upload folder

  • Decreased the speed of product syncs for WooCommerce to not overwhelm server

  • Downloaded media now contains the creators username

  • You can now trigger a historical import for a specific creator on the creator page

  • Added a video icon for videos in the galleries to highlight that they are videos

  • Email widgets now display discounted pricing

  • Improved video compression during upload

  • Speeded up the search engine for products

  • Added a checkbox on the Shopify product page block to hide gallery if the product does not have any posts

  • Improved the UX when pinning a post in a gallery to make it less confusing

  • Made it clearer that you need to enable conversion analytics for conversion to appear in the analytics funnel

  • Optimized back-end for BFCM

  • General UX design improvements


  • Fixed a bug where “From” was not hidden if you had enabled the “Hide prices” option

  • Fixed a bug where the search result would not show all results when scrolling

  • Changed the default formatting for USD to use ‘periods’ as decimal delimiter

  • Fixed a bug on the “collage style” where a video would break the layout

  • Fixed a bug where the Upgrade popup could not be used to upgrade your account on certain plans