Cevoid changelog

New Instagram explore

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This week we are launching an updated Instagram explore page. We have spent time on improving the load speed specifically on tagged and mentions pages. We have also made it possible to remove posts in these views that you are not interested in. You can now achieve an inbox zero.

Basic Analytics

We are also happy to launch the basic version of our analytics feature as a beta. You can now see how your galleries are performing on your website. Some of the metrics are: Gallery/Post views, Gallery loads, Gallery/Post clicks, Product clicks, etc. We are happy to hear your feedback.

Fixes & improvements

  • Basic analytics, gallery views, loads, clicks (https://app.cevoid.com/analytics)

  • See posts that you have removed to undo actions for regular posts

  • Possible to remove unwanted Instagram posts in the explore view

  • Faster loading on the Instagram explore page

  • Video posts on instagram explore now has support for sound and play/pause

  • Cards in mobile format now always show the price popup

  • Better tutorial information for Instagram requests

  • Added page where you can see/restore removed Instagram posts

  • Highlight product when hovering on hotspot

  • Add text "from" on primary product prices in the galleries

  • Fix bug in product sync where some products went missing

  • Fix bug where the scroll experience for popup on mobile behaved strangely

  • Fix bug where fallback gallery was loading even though setting was not active

  • Fix bug where galleries showed even though the customer had no pricing plan be