Cevoid changelog


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While we are hard at work finalizing the analytics feature as well as the email gallery feature we did have some time to solve bugs and add a couple of minor improvements. One of the bigger improvements this week must have to be the Weglot integration we built for Shopify stores. We will make this feature available for more of our users in the near future.

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed tags on mobile for images that are small

  • Fixed tag text color for tooltips to always be black

  • Fixed bugg where product name didn't show on active filters

  • Added button to manually sync new products

  • Fixed bug in Inbox where the posts didn't show until a page reload

  • Show hashtags in gallery captions

  • Whitelisted influencer posts are now shown under each Influencers page

  • Removed profile picture background color if user has uploaded an image

  • Added option to turn off claps in gallery styling

  • Moved upload button to inbox page

  • Added manual sync button for IG feed

  • Sync instagram posts every hour

  • Added a custom class to the Cevoid Shopify section to make it easier to style with css

  • Added support for whitespace as a number delimiter in Google shopping feed prices

  • Make Icon smaller for post tag view

  • Post sliders now react to wheel events so that you can swipe left and right

  • Fix bug in Inbox where remove/approve action didn't update the post for some users