Cevoid changelog

We released another product update 🔥

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Import historical posts for influencers / creators

It is now possible to import historical post from influencers / creators when creating them. The posts will be imported into the inbox and influencer view. Furthermore, it is possible to enable auto-approve. When enabling auto-approve, post of the new influencer / creator will automatically be approved and published to your galleries.

New gallery attributes for a better developer experience

All galleries and cards by default automatically match to a market that is set up in Cevoid. We have added a new feature where the market of the gallery can be programatically set through an attribute called data-market. Not only can it force markets on galleries, but also on cards.

Furthermore, it is possible to override a currency of a market. For example, a store could use a Swedish market however, if you want Euro’s instead of Swedish Krona, the currency can be overridden. The market currency can be overridden through the attribute: data-market-currency.

Finally, we have added the possibility to hide product prices all together. This is possible through the data-hide-prices attribute.

For more information, a full tutorial is available on: https://intercom.help/cevoid/en/articles/6612043-how-to-force-a-specific-market-using-the-data-markets-attribute

Search by username and filter by product category / brand

We have added the possibility to search for posts from a specific username on the library page. The search can be accessed by using [ctrl + f] or [command + f].

Moreover, it is now possible to filter posts on product brands and product categories. These can also be used as sources for galleries!

Improvements & features

  • Added a created date for an influencer / creator

  • Improved username input at upload.cevoid.com

  • General optimisation for the backend

  • General UX design improvements


  • Fixed a bug where the hotspot of a product was under the tooltip.

  • Fixed a bug in the Cevoid gallery in Shopify where data-product attribute was added on all galleries on the product page.

  • Fixed an issue where the data of an instagram post wasn’t shown correctly. Also changed “Created” to “Imported” hence an instagram post is not created but imported.

  • Fixed an issue where the search input was not in the center in some occasions

  • Fixed a small issue in getting started where the tutorial could not be completed by having no teammates.

  • Fixed a bug where notifications (snacks) were not reseted resulting in multiple notifications could pop up at once.