Cevoid changelog

Instagram request by comment

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This week we added another option for users to request Instagram posts. You can now request posts via comment and DM (as before). Another nice feature is that posts that have been found through mentions can automatically be requested from our platform. No need to navigate to Instagram and paste your comment.

New logo

We are also very excited to announce that we have a new logo!
Amazing work done by https://dribbble.com/vask 🔥

Fixes and improvements

  • Fix bug that prevented some users from adding new languages

  • "Get in touch" button on https://cevoid.betteruptime.com/ now works

  • Made more fields searchable in our product search

  • Fix format bug in markets domain

  • Add possibility to add new workspace (in account dropdown)

  • Possible to request Instagram posts by comment

  • Fix bug on Instagram explore page that showed errors for some users when requesting a post

  • Bugg with styling for gallery products in Filter popup

  • Remove "leave a review" in getting started for non-shopify stores

  • Fix bug that prevented the post popup to close for some users

  • Change text: "Guideline for terms of service"

  • Move descriptions on Instagram settings page

  • Product tag no longer shows a cursor if it's not clickable

  • Deleted hashtags are no longer visible in filters when there are no posts for that hashtag

  • Added setting to turn on / off auto-approval for Instagram feed

  • You should no longer be presented with a confirm modal when subscribing to a plan for the first time.

  • Remove logo option in Thank you email settings

  • Fix bug where tagged product overview sometimes showed a higher count than what actually was tagged.

  • Show all pricing as monthly by default

  • Connect Instagram on the dashboard now works as intended

  • The getting started experience should now be better for users with smaller screens

  • Show Instagram reconnect modal if an error was encountered with the connection

  • Add Instagram auto-approve posts to Onboarding

  • Add a date selector to select how far back you want to import Instagram posts from

  • Fix bug where videos in gallery builder become larger than it is in the normal feed

  • Copy to workspace bulk, only available and visible if you have multiple workspaces on your account

  • Disabling upload button in Collage gallery should now behave as expected

  • Fix bug where some product photos showed as broken images (Shopify only)

  • Posts from Instagram now shows the correct username in the platform

  • Posts counter on Instagram page (integrations) now shows correct count