Cevoid changelog

Infrastructure improvements and new functionality

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The last 2 weeks we’ve ran into problems with data synchronisation for product catalogues. All of these have been solved now and as a result a much better infrastructure for handling high workload and scale as been implemented. Things should feel faster and snappier when syncing data and performing heavier tasks.

New functionality

  • Added functionality to be able to change the username and profile link for a post uploaded by the company to be able to showcase the real user

  • Able to view the email of an uploaded post by hovering the username of a post

  • Added a field on a post where the company can add insightful information. For example: “Person X is wearing size Medium and is 180cm tall”

  • Added the possibility to duplicate a gallery if you want the exact same gallery design but different content

  • Added functionality to decide how out of stock products should be displayed (Hide, display with out of stock text or show as normal)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved the product search behaviour to be more robust under heavy load and traffic

  • Improved visual feedback when we are syncing data from Instagram for the first time

  • Improved empty state of pages without content to indicate that content is loading or does not exist

  • Changed all emails to display in lowercase in the email history

  • Sent emails always said 0 emails sent when emails actually had been sent

  • Wrong amount of opened emails reported in email history

  • Correct image from Google shopping feed now imported for on hover images

  • Fixed a bug where prices did not round up or down when the setting was active in galleries

  • Fixed a bug where Powered by Cevoid was showing even though the setting was disabled

  • Translation settings pages have an updated UI and is easier to work with

  • Improved how usernames are listed in both the platform and gallery

  • Fixed a bug where the last 7 days of Instagram posts only listed content for the last 2 days

  • Improved the layout when adding products to images

  • Improved the UI of the analytics page and added some informational warnings about potential setup issues

  • Fixed an issue where autoplay of videos did not happen in galleries

  • Changed all color pickers to always show the companies accent color first

  • In galleries if no products are tagged, display the whole caption

  • Improved the realtime sync for product syncs

  • Added counts on the Instagram tabs under Instagram pages