Cevoid changelog

Email widgets + Klaviyo integration

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This week we are happy to release a highly requested feature called Email widgets. This makes it possible to use content from Cevoid in all of your emails (marketing, newsletter, post-purchase, etc). If you are using Klaviyo as your email platform we have also added support for abandoned cart, post-purchase and other product related emails. These widgets will change content depending on the product in the email.

Try it out here: https://app.cevoid.com/email

Fixes & improvements

  • Fixed bug where some post purchase emails was not sent

  • Added limit for emails sent on different plans

  • Added option to round off prices to closest whole number on Google shopping feeds

  • Added link to instagram profile on posts in the platform

  • Fixed bug where one could not close the upload popup in mobile

  • Fixed bug where duplicated post-purchase emails where queued