Cevoid changelog

October product update, lets go! 🕺

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Cards (new feature)

We’ve long had support for single post embeds. But these embed have lacked any customization or styling to be made. This changes today with a new featured called Cards! The easy way to turn any image, video or social post into an embedable + shoppable post that you can use anywhere on your website.

Cards work great for:

  • Blogposts

  • Newsletters

  • Lookbooks

  • Single images on information sections

  • and much more!

We still have support for single embeds but will gradually phase them out. We recommend you try out the new feature and turn your static images and videos into content that can actually convert!

Improvements & features

  • Video popups now play sound by default. This can be turned off for any gallery in the settings.

  • You can now select if you want the product hotspots to always show or if they should be visible on hover.

  • We have added Infinity scroll loading to the Grid and Masonry style galleries.

  • General UX improvements to the platform

  • Added a setting for galleries where you can disable the hover effects on products cards to swap images.

  • Improved the Market forms for product feeds where you now can name a feed to keep track of what products in includes. We also added some extra form validation to make the UX easier to understand.

  • Added a short command to be able to copy the market id for a market.

  • We’ve added an attribute to the galleries so that developers can force a market to be loaded instead of the URL auto-matching.

  • You can now see the emailaddress of the person who has uploaded a post to you.

… and of course we smashed some bugs!


  • Fixed a bug on the galleries that made it possible to have styling that interfered with each other.

  • Fixed a bug where the volume button was not clickable on mobile devices.

  • Fixed a bug when designing the cards that made the card overflow the screen.

  • Fixed a bug where some posts would return the incorrect username.

  • Fixed a gallery bug that loaded larger images that were needed on some breakpoints